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have you heard of anything like this before?

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what is 777?

In this rare and limited

multi-disciplinary release

(only 100 being sold!),

"777" is the Ultimate Collector's Bundle to date! this release is an audio and visual journey through new worlds, straight from the mind of creator Nenjah Nycist. welcome to 777.

THE "777"

(Ultimate Collector's Bundle) includes: 


(1) Circuit "777" Comic Book

(1) "777" Nenjah Mask

(1) "Chibi Jet" USB; containing:

  • "777" Album

  • "777" Instrumentals

  • "Behind the Shadows" mini-Documentary 

(1) ??? mystery Item


Lead Art Director - Chris Fequiere

"777" Story written by Nenjah Nycist and C.H.I.L.D

777 is...




for the geeks, BLERDS, ninjas, geishas, skaters, and hip hop headz that are OBSESSED WITH

LOFI hip hop, art, COMICS AND dope collectibles!

what to do next?

step 1:

get your free "Circuit 777"

comic wallpaper!

step 2:

get 50% off of

"777 (the ultimate collector's bundle)"

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